An essential layer between the final floor finish and the structural concrete slab on ground or suspended. The final use of the floor dictate the characteristics of a screed but compressive strength usually range between 15 - 35 N/mm²

Fast Setting Screeds -7 days

In order to achieve a quick turnaround or to finish large quantum of screeding work in a shorter duration, fast setting screeds are used. The primary goals of such a screed are early strength gain and moisture reduction. A choice between Pre-bagged dry mix and Ready-mixed screed give flexibility & convenience.

Rapid Early Set

When a very rapid turn around is required, a rapid early set concrete system has to be used to achieve the desired results. This system, when installed correctly, achieves compressive strength of 35-40 N/mm² within 3 days with considerable moisture reduction.

Self Leveling

Cementitious self levelling has become a system of choice before installation of vinyl, carpet, wood, parquet etc floor toppings. Self levelling systems give a flatness otherwise unachievable in structural concrete or screeds.

Dry Crack Injection

Unwanted cracks in concrete are a serious problem and can either be corrected by replacing the concrete entirely or by specially designed resins which bond the cracks and help avoid costly reworks. Our experience with a variety of construction resins gives us the ability to offer a tailored solution to our customers with a guarantee on long term satisfaction.