Decorative Floors


One of the oldest known decorative floor in the world, it has been the flooring of choice for millenniums. Cement is still the most popular binder for terrazzo but now epoxy, polyurethane and polyester resins are also used with varying popularity. Epoxy being the leader in resin bound Terrazzo.

Coloured Concrete

Concrete being the system of choice for industrial and outdoor flooring applications, can be coloured for a decorative appeal. Depending upon the cement (white or grey), a variety of colours can be achieved.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete can be stamped in different patterns for a variety of aesthetic application. Combined with colouring or staining, stamped concrete can be a low cost outdoor flooring solution for residential and commercial purposes.

Stained Concrete

Staining, in contrast to colouring, gives a more depth and life to the concrete floor. Staining can only be done after casting implying it can also be used as a refurbishment system.

Exposed Aggregate

Colored aggregates in concrete, when exposed, give aesthetics unparalleled by any other cladding or flooring system. Rustic yet highly decorative, depending on the choice of aggregate, exposed aggregate concrete has become a system of choice by designers and end users alike.


In recent years, the unique appearance of concrete has been desired as a decorative floor in many projects. However, due to inflexibility in choice of colours and overall feasibility in using concrete as the final finish, a micro-topping that mirrors the appearance of concrete can be applied to floors and walls.


Stones have been the popular choice for cladding and flooring applications, worldwide. The variety in colour, appearance & finish has made stone finishes even more appealing. Though expensive, stone flooring and cladding remains the go to material for indoor & outdoor applications.


Ceramic tiles, due to their ruggedness and variety in texture and colour have become the most popular flooring and wall cladding system. It is hard wearing but unsuitable for conditions other than foot and mild wheeled traffic.

Wood Flooring

One of the most popular building material, specially in colder climates, wood has become a premium flooring and cladding application. Though limited in colours and textures, wood is still used in high end residential and commercial applications.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is a preferred flooring system, specially due to it’s non-permeability qualities, making it the flooring of choice for hospitals and other clean room applications. Vinyl tiles on the other hand have had significant success due to the possibility of mimicking a wide variety of natural textures and colours like wood, stone, glass etc.