PU Spray

Polyurethane foam, PU in short, induces insulation capability to any surface. A density of 40 kg/cbm ensures that the weight of the installed system is acceptable on most structures. Spray application of Polyurethane foam requires a plural component heated system on site. The equipment requires operators that are experienced and skilled to ensure a uniform thickness and minimum overspray and we have thousands of hours of combined experience and expertise to ensure this.

Combo Roofing

A five layer system with a combined goal of waterproofing & insulation is called Combo Roofing system. As beneficial as it is to a building & it’s users, it is mandatory as per UAE building regulations. Our independent understanding of all the layers gives us the unique capability to offer a combo system that best suits the final use of a building.

Sandwich Panels

Cold chains essentially require insulation of moving or static storage units. Sandwich panels provide insulation as well as structural support to these units and area also aesthetically appealing as a final wall finish. Thus they fulfil multiple requirements and so are the most popular wall and roof system used in cold chain facilities. We offer sandwich panel supply and erection service along with floor concreting, Stainless Steel drainage plumbing and finished flooring as a turnkey solution so that our customers can be sure that everything fits together perfectly.