Performance Floors


Epoxy, a technology older than many new ones, still has it’s irreplaceable application in many areas of construction. As a bonding agent it is one of the best and is even used for bonding polyurethane coatings to concrete. As a finish coat, it is hard wearing, rugged and perfect for high traffic applications.


Invented by Otto Bayer, polyurethane is a relatively new technology and it has found it’s application in a variety of industries, very deeply in the construction industry as well. Polyurethane is mainly known for it’s extreme temperature tolerance and flexibility. As a floor coating it is suited for cold rooms with temperatures as low as -40 deg C to as high as 120 deg C including steam cleaning. It’s high compressive & tensile strengths make it suitable for varied temperature applications.


Polyurea belongs to the polyurethane family of resins with a difference that the isocynate is reacted to an amine instead of a polyol like in polyurethane. This results in an elastomer that is unparalleled in many parameters than other coating polymers. It is highly abrasion resistant, has high elongation to break, high tensile strength and yet very flexible.


Sporting facilities require a flooring that is soft yet resilient and long lasting. Such applications require a product like EPDM. It has been used for decades and has been tested in a variety of sporting conditions for it’s durability and lasting softness that it’s use has increased exponentially.