Who We are?

The Rector story began in 2010, when our founders realised that industrial flooring is increasingly becoming an important factor in an industrial facility's success. With that realisation, a strong and eminently trustworthy construction service partner was born. Since then, Rector has grown steadily and strategically, fuelled by a constant hunt for a deep technical understanding of the services we offer to our Clients and with discipline of delivering them on time. We continue to move into new geographies and service lines and we’re regularly expanding our team, with professionals who share our customer-first philosophy and the dual requisites of strong capabilities and exemplary character.


We started with Polyurea as our focal point and kept adding service lines only when we saw that we can offer a service that is innovative and addresses a major problem in the existing offerings in the industry. This approach has led us to deliver each service with multiple innovations which together, like the flywheel effect, make each one of our service a stellar offering.

Technical Strength

Since the beginning of our operations, we have ensured that every member of our growing team is focussed on in-depth technical understanding of the work they do. Our sales team is focussed on understanding told & untold customer problems & targeting them with a solution that gives a customer more than what they were initially planning to resolve. Our operations team is focussed on offering best in class finishes & strict adherence to best installation methods to ensure outstanding aesthetic appeal & better than expected lifespan.